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    iCoach4Sport is a Lincolnshire Sport recognised product

    available to all schools and sports clubs

Key Features

Using icoach4sport enables everyone to keep updated - almost instantly – on what is happening in each lesson and how a child is progressing

Individual Child Profiles

Each parent and child will be able to log on to their individual profiles to see updated scores and progression. The system provides visible in-depth information, with real time updates.

Trends and Progression Data Capture

The data captured by the system produces simple visual representation of progress and trends throughout a child’s Physical Education. This can be seen as a whole or down to individual attributes and over different time periods.

Individual Target Setting

The system will generate each individual’s strengths and development areas with the next level that the child needs to reach to improve.

Engaging In Sport and Exercise Outside Of School

The system provides recommendations for different sports calculated from their sporting attributes. Quick information on different types of sports, with direct links to Lincolnshire sports club and activity database for children to increase involvement in sports outside of school.

Key Benefits

Using icoach4sport enables everyone to keep updated - almost instantly – on what is happening in each lesson and how a child is progressing

Benefits for Children

  • Direct use of robust 4 pillar frame work, covering essential developmental sporting attributes
  • Engagement in real time feedback
  • Highlights behaviour and social strengths
  • Informed decisions around sporting development and information on local clubs

Benefits for Parents

  • Transparency on child’s performance, progress and targets
  • Access to real time, open and reliable information on the child’s physical education
  • Sign post resource for local clubs and activities
  • Enhanced engagement and involvement in child’s progress

Benefits for Schools

  • Structured tracking and reporting tool
  • Alignment with principles of national curriculum and assessment
  • Increased measurable evidence and reporting for Ofsted
  • Platform for more rounded approaches and delivery of P.E.
  • Clear target setting and individual needs information for children


  • Web based platform accessible from anywhere with internet access.
  • Custom built for tablet devices for use on the go
  • Easy, user friendly navigation through the system for children, parents and schools
  • Secure individual password protected system
  • Clear target setting and individual needs information for children

Automated Reporting

  • Over 2000 attribute descriptors fully aligned to key stages 1-4
  • Class average and summaries in each attribute
  • Printable summary reports for individual classes
  • Information for customised P.E. curriculum
  • Automatic notifications for individual profile updates

Research Based

  • Built with the department for educations (outstanding P.E.) for all report in mind
  • In-depth key stage 3 and 4 descriptors
  • Built on relevant scientific research papers surrounding P.E.
  • Includes key teacher and peer evaluation methods
  • Increased level of control in the assessment of the individual child.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers

iCoach4Sport offer teachers and schools an in-depth continuing professional development programme. Within this teachers will gain accreditations and knowledge around the icoach4sport system and its benefits and uses within a Physical Education curriculum. When an accreditation is achieved, you will be safe in the knowledge that teachers will be able to fulfil an excellent Physical Education independently.


Icoach4sport offer accreditations in the use of the system. In which they will learn key features of the system and how to use these effectively. The accreditations will be taught by an icoach4sport system trainer. We offer different levels of training dependent upon the needs of each school and teachers


During the CPD the teachers will be guided through effective planning of mid-terms and lessons using the information from the system. They will be able to look at the individual needs of the children, relate attributes to specific sports, use effective evaluation and provide detailed feedback to parents, school leadership and Ofsted.


VIRSCO LTD are the official coaching company and system trainers used to provide the icoach4sport accreditations. All of the trainers are DBS checked, hold at least a level 2 coaching award in their chosen sport and have attained or working towards a relevant sports degree.

For any more information on VIRSCO please visit www.virsco.co.uk.


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